Joffre Lakes: Hike and Picnic

Urban life can be taxing on the mind and body. Hustle and bustle are the realities for pretty much everyone. Why not wake up early (you do it anyways), grab a pal, and drive up to Pemberton to walk on scenic paths to a glacial lake? And while you’re at it, do the spicy ramen noodle challenge!

A few months ago, my significant other made plans for us to go up to Joffre Lakes Provincial Park and have ourselves an epic day of adventure. This entailed a lengthy session of car-aoke, a hike to the Upper Lake, and testing our spice tolerance with the spicy korean ramen noodle challenge that had been making their rounds on YouTube.

It’s quite a long long drive, so make sure you get started early to make the most of your time once you get to Upper Lake. The Sea-to-Sky highway boasts some of the best driving in North America with mountains, ocean, and forests along the way.

Once you’ve arrived at the parking lot, the Lower Lake is just beyond the trees. You’ll find a nice bench and some chipmunks. Don’t spend too much time there because you’ll be rewarded much better after trekking for a little bit to the other two lakes there.

After Lower Lake is Middle and Upper Lake (not very creative with the names, but its logical). Upper Lake has some backcountry camping available if you wanted to spend more time there, but it’s very doable for day hikers of varying levels.

Along the trail you will most likely come across a few Whiskey Jacks perched in the trees eyeing hikers. They’re checking to see if you have any snacks you’re willing to share! My S/O brought along some trail mix to help me achieve my dreams of becoming a Disney Princess in real life. They are very friendly!


I remember getting tired because a lot of it was uphill, but there are many spots along the way to take a breather and get some photos. We stopped at the Middle Lake for a little bit. I was hoping to find the popular photo spot I have dubbed “The Log of Instagram” since it seems to be popular and is constantly being featured on hiking accounts. Unfortunately I couldn’t seem to find it, or wasn’t sure if it was “the spot”. The hunt continues.

The walk to the final lake was a bit more difficult and even though it was May there were some icy patches as we got closer to the glacier.

Once you’re at the final lake, you could pick a spot to have your lunch or continue along the path towards the back country camping sites to get some photos from a higher level. We opted for the rocks by the trail so we could cook our meal for the ramen challenge and chill our rose using the icy cold water.


For our noodles we had a boiled egg, enoki mushrooms, kimchi, a korean shrimp side dish (saewoo bbokeum), and spam. By the time I came up with the idea to forage for some fiddleheads on the trail we were already at an elevation where they stop growing. Good thing we did some urban foraging at the supermarket prior to the hike. The food was tasty but not as painfully spicy for our trained taste buds as we’d hoped. The wine was very good though!

The walk down was so quick and easy! Probably about an hour from the highest lake to the car. This was probably one of the best day trips I have done in summer 2016 and one that I recommend if you don’t mind the long drive to Pemberton.

Happy adventuring!


**All photos by the insta-husband @dantonnuwen. Go check him out!





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